4 Winds horse ranch

A little bit about us ... 4 Winds was established in 2001 , With the dream of making a difference in the lives of horses and their owners .

4 Winds is based on the ability to care for many different breeds of horses .

With that being said we here at the ranch believe in the gentling of a horse beginning with the care and handling the horses receive at our facility

Our training & experience has taught us that all horses are not the same and do require various levels of care and handling

Our feed program is based on you & your horses needs Our idea is that all horses should look like a show horse no matter what your activity ..

The Owner has 38 years experience working with equines and is well versed in the health & welfare of equines ..

Our educated staff will provide you & your horse with a wealth of knowledge making it much easier for you to enjoy your equine companion

She also is involved with horse rescue and rehabilitation along with preserving the horse as part of our heritage for many years to come ..

Our facility is home to over 20 Rescues that count on us to care for them on a daily basis , Unwanted , Abused , Abandoned Slaughter Bound Horses find a safe haven at Rivers Edge Horse Rescue at 4 Winds ..